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EVRE Consulting Engineering Company was founded as a joint stock company in 1979, to provide consulting services to the NATO Infrastructure Department of the Ministry of Defence (MOD)/ Turkey, basically in the field of Command Control Communications Electronics and Intelligence (C3I) systems where extensive technical and practical experience and knowledge are essential. The services furnished cover both electronic and civil engineering works (wherever applicable) for the C3I systems.


The company is specialized in performing the following services:


a. Preparation of Type “B” Cost Estimates (TBCE).

b. Preparation of Tender Documents (CAHIER DES CHARGES).


c. Carrying out Supervisory Engineering (SE) works throughout implementation.


EVRE prides itself in providing excellent services to MOD Turkey in a rapidly changing electromagnetic environment, for almost two decades.


Access to classified information is permitted only at the “need- to- know” basis. Head office building is permanently guarded. All classified documents entrusted to the company are kept in a strong room, which is inspected on a regular basis by the NATO Department of MOD Turkey. and certified by MOD Turkey.


EVRE is in the possession of wide and well proven technical knowledge and experience, necessary for the safe execution of consulting services related with Warning Installations, Communication, Electronics projects including all related Civil Works facilities. The activities of the Company cover a wide range of such projects and systems.


Key areas are as follows:


  • Coastal Radars

  • Long Range Surveillance Radar, including Civil Works

  • System Integration of Radars

  • Advanced Communication Systems to Communicate with NATO E3A Aircraft

  • Air Defence Crosstell and Broadcast Systems

  • Upgrade Projects for WHQs (Mobile and Static)

  • LF Systems

  • Communications Systems for Naval and Air Bases

  • PABX Systems

  • Radio Link Systems

  • Communication Security Systems

  • Communication Recording Systems I

  • ntegrated Combat Zone Mobile Communications Systems

  • IFF Systems

  • Logistic Support Plans

  • Design of buildings including semi- hardened and EMP protected types.

  • UHF Ground to Air to Ground Systems for Radar Stations

  • ECCM Systems for Communication

  • ADGE/ NAEW (Air Defence Ground Environment/ NATO Early Warning) Systems

  • Radomes for Radar Stations

  • CARS System

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